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Allison McAdoo
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Alrighty, here goes nothing. I'm an nineteen year old artist-in-progress, and I began school for it in August 2013. I write and draw, but my drawing skills aren't quite on par with where I'd like them to I'm "in-progress" (get it?) I've also been doing quite a lot of watercolor, though I don't post much of it online. I'm planning on changing that, however, since it seems I'm far better at that than I am at traditional drawing. I'm friendly and I really do like talking to people, so don't be afraid to shoot me a note every once in a while! It makes me happy, honest!
On another note, I also sing and act. (Don't ask me to dance, though. Terrifying experience) Though I'm not a professional in those areas either, I do my best and work my hardest. If you have any interest in my vocal chords, you can check them out here:…

my tumblr:


Three years ago; the campers are starting to make their way to the campfire bowl, but are still far off. Azalea is sitting alone on one of the front benches, close to the fire. Enter Dahlia, stage left, crossing behind the benches. 

Dahlia: Hey, sis. Walks casually toward the bench her sister is sitting on. Hops over gently and sits next to her.

Azalea: Hi, Dee. Stares into the fire, refusing to turn away from it.

D: Hey, wait- puts arm on A's shoulder -are you crying? A wipes eyes quickly, still doesn't turn. Alright, what's wrong?

A: Nothing, I'm fine. Bites lip and crosses arms over chest, then uncrosses them again. Leans forward, balancing elbows on knees. Just a little tired.

D: Tired of what? A turns face towards her sister. Eyes are slightly green, a sure sign a dryad's been crying. 

A: Don't you ever want more than this, Dee? Gestures towards the campfire bowl first, then waves hand lazily towards the rest of the camp. Low energy. Pulls legs up, now sitting cross-legged on the bench. 

D: Looks taken aback. Okay, what do you mean by this? Waves hand, mimicking her sister. A takes a deep breath. 

A: I mean, we've lived here for years. We train campers, we protect our trees, we make them dinner, we serve them dinner- I guess it's better than it could be. Sighs. And you haven't had to deal with being chased by minor gods yet- the drunk ones are the worst. The longer I spend here, the more I hate it. Goes back to staring at the fire. 

D: B-but, this is our home, Zee- D's mouth gapes open - we were born here, I, what? Both girls go silent. The sound over excited campers is growing closer. A stands up and starts to walk away before turning back to D. 

A: I'm sorry I stressed you out. I'm okay, really. Smiles slightly. Well, at least, I will be soon enough. Stay for campfire tonight, it'll cheer you up. Begins walking again, stops again, almost off stage.

D: Doesn't notice A is still in earshot. Mutters a prayer to A's father, Kratos. Please help Azalea gain the strength she needs. I know she has it in her, you're her father, I mean. Says a few things even quieter, impossible to hear, then begins crying. Gods, I hope she doesn't leave. I don't know what I'd do- puts head into hands. 

A: Completely petrified. A millions things cross her mind, most of them changing her facial expression at the same pace. Starts to cross back to her sister, but stops, turns and exits.

D: Still sobbing, stands and leaves as the campers begin to arrive. 

End scene. 
it'll take some time//sisterly heartbreak
Sooooo I haven't written a scene in a long time and decided to try a scene for this month's HBH assignment- I don't know if I like it or not XD

But anyway, this is when Azalea is first starting to consider leaving camp. She's half-dryad, though, so it's not easy to do AT ALL. Dahlia, whose dad is a satyr (making her full-dryad), has a bigger sense of attachment and home, so she'd never leave and can't understand why her sister would want to. After this conversation, she decides she'll only leave if she can convince Dee to go with her. About six months later, Artemis and her followers come to camp and Z falls in love with the idea of going with them. She spends months and months trying to convince her sister it's a good idea, but eventually ends up leaving on her own.

Assignment #5 for HalfBlood-Hill AKA the greatest RP group of all time so please go apply like the darlings that you are :3

Her eyes were once burning violet

I sat alone, sipping my tea

some slipped, dripped through the eyelet

of the lace on the table by the sea.

Steamed up from inside by my Earl Grey,

the drink pools in the eyelet

I find it reminds me of the Chesapeake Bay

in the summertime, with waves of blue and violet

Slowly, slowly it dries into the sides of the eyelet

I begin to wish I’d chosen Jasmine tea

I hear my name, I see flashes of violet

as I turn to see, but all I find is the sea

She forgot to come home, from across the landlocked sea

The lace slides to the floor, my cup shatters; caught an eyelet

Promised to bring home some tea

from where the wind blows strange and violet

Lost in broad daylight, they said, as I drank herbal tea

Since that day, I hate the taste of a violet

nor can I stand the smell of the sea

I pick up the lace by the stained eyelet

I turn it in my hands, see her eyes in the eyelet

The ruined fabric from the table by the sea

The friend whose eyes burned violet

No lavender, honey, nor calming camomile

She was Rose, she was violet, she loved the sea

Lavender and roses, lace with large eyelets, and all kinds of tea.

Eulogy of a Rose
A poem I wrote for my creative writing class based off of (of course) Rose's death from Phoebe's perspective. It's written in modified sestina form, using 6 four line stanzas and a couplet envoi in place of 6 six line stanzas and a three line envoi. 

I'm pretty proud of this little guy.
Skull by AllisonHearts
two five by sevens, one was the sketch of the skull while I was looking at it, the second being the painting I based off of it. 
I'm actually doing things in my watercolor class, I swear XD 

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